According to the CSO there has been a 5.5% increase in output in the Irish construction industry. The volume of output has been highest in the residential construction industry (see CSO).

People are looking to upgrade their homes, put on new extensions and even building new homes again.

John Galvin

John Galvin and his team at Limerick Building Services are seeing renewed interest in residential building in Mid-West of Ireland in the last six months.

As the jobs market is improving in the Mid-West, and the banks are lending again, the construction industry is benefiting from the uplift in the economy. However, the CIF has highlighted that construction activity was 7.5% of GNP in 2014 but should be at 11 or 12%.  Further availability of cash could really help to drive the sector to where it should be.

About Limerick Building Services

Limerick Building Services is a building company based in the Mid-West and servicing all of Ireland but primarily the Mid-West.


John Galvin

Limerick Building Services

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