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News5050 – Country Reports

May 2, 2016

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The Report:

The arrival of Mauricio Macri in November 2014 to the Argentinean presidency brings a more optimistic investment environment for the country in general and the telecom sector in particular. The introduction of a series of regulatory changes aimed at improving and modernizing the telecom sector will help to boost competition and growth in the market. We project that from 2015 to 2020, telecom and pay-TV services revenue will decline at a -5.1% CAGR in US dollar terms as a result of the progressive depreciation of the Argentinean peso over the forecast period. However, in local currency terms, double-digit inflation will push nominal revenue to expand at a CAGR of 12.1% annually, mainly supported by rising demand for fixed and mobile data services.


Pyramid Research’s report, “Argentina: New Regulatory Framework and Recent M&A Activity Will Boost Competition in Telecom and Media Markets,” provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in Argentina today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2020. It delivers deep quantitative and qualitative insight into Argentina’s telecom market, analyzing key trends, evaluating near-term opportunities and assessing risk factors, based on proprietary data from Pyramid Research’s databases.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following:

o Argentina in a regional context; a comparative review of market size and trends with that of other countries in the region.

o Economic, demographic and political context in Argentina.

o The regulatory environment and trends; a review of the regulatory setting and agenda for the next 18-24 months as well as relevant developments pertaining to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, number portability and more.

o A demand profile; analysis as well as forecasts and historical figures of service revenue from fixed telephony (including VoIP), broadband, mobile voice and data, and pay-TV markets.

o The service evolution; a look at the change in the breakdown of overall revenue by fixed/pay-TV and mobile sectors and by voice, data and video in the current year as well as the end of the forecast period.

o The competitive landscape; an examination of key trends in competition and service providers’ performance, revenue market shares and expected moves over the next 18-24 months.

o An in-depth sector analysis of fixed telephony and broadband services, mobile voice and data services, and pay-TV services; a quantitative analysis of service adoption trends by technology/platform as well as operator, average revenue per line/subscription and service revenue through the end of the forecast period.

o Main opportunities; this section details the near-term opportunities for operators, vendors and investors in Argentina’s telecommunications and pay-TV markets.

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John Caldwell

Fia Rua, Deerpark

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