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December 31, 2017

The Report:

News outlets abound with reports that various products are in decline due to disinterest from millennials; commentators cite a fundamental shift in attitude to ownership as the primary cause, but there is more to it. Whilst it is true attitudes among many millennials have shifted compared to previous generations, other causes such as necessity and economic conditions must at least rank alongside cultural developments to explain trends. Perceptions among millennials on what is required for an acceptable standard of living are forcing changes in ownership of certain product types which were formerly a staple item for most people. Apocalyptic predictions of what may happen based upon millennial behavior may have some underpinning but can also be accused of missing the point that millennials are mainly reacting to a changing world.

Key Questions Answered

– What products do millennials favor?
– Why do millennials favor and purchase the types of products that they do?
– How are they different from previous generations?
– How is this affecting the food, marketing, technology and retail industries worldwide?


– Learn about the key drivers behind millennial consumer behaviour and how companies are learning to tailor their products to suit.
– Examine which types of industries and businesses are doing particularly well with millennials and which are not.
– See how millennial consumer behaviour is changing our highstreets and online spaces.

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