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December 31, 2017

The Report:

The millennial generation is proving to be a tricky group to cater to for many businesses. At face value, in the restaurant and food retail industry, millennials are good consumers of food products eating out regularly ordering takeaways and cooking at home just as much if not more than the generations before them. However they tend to have completely different priorities and some established brands and food stuffs are suffering as a result of a stuffy outdated image or ineffective branding, when faced with competition from new brands more able to connect with the millennial generation. Finding ways to appeal to the specifics of the generation is not a tall order, but it may alienate brands from their traditional customers in process, so for many restaurant and food brands the transition is not a painless one.

Key Questions Answered

– What products do millennials favor?
– Why do millennials favor and purchase the types of products that they do?
– How are they different from previous generations?
– How is this affecting the food, marketing, technology and retail industries worldwide?


– Learn about the key drivers behind millennial consumer behaviour and how companies are learning to tailor their products to suit.
– Examine which types of industries and businesses are doing particularly well with millennials and which are not.
– See how millennial consumer behaviour is changing our highstreets and online spaces.

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