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December 31, 2017

The Report:

Defense technology is advancing at quite a rate of knots in 2017 and some remarkable new abilities are available for militaries to purchase. From robotic mules through to drone swarms and rail guns there are multiple areas of strong innovation in the defense industry. Some of these technologies have the potential to change how warfighting works in the future and in a new world where the balance of power internationally is more scattered between different multiple nations many are preparing for the concerning prospect of state versus state conflict in the future. However whilst some are game changing there are plenty of other technologies that are a black hole for money and resources, producing impractical, complex, expensive and unworkable machines. The key task though in this period of rapid development is recognizing the full implications of using a new technology indiscriminately, before it becomes a new, dangerous and counterproductive threat to world security.

Key Questions Answered

– What technology absorbing the attention of modern military planners?
– Where is the money going and is it being spent wisely?
– Are all of the new technologies emerging actually practical?
– What can we expect to see in future wars and does this make the world safer or less safe?


– Examine how military technology is developing and what the militarys are spending their money on.
– Learn what trends in warfare are driving the changes being seen.
– See how just how useful new technology is and whether or not money is being wasted on certain projects.
– Examine how these changes might alter modern military strategy and just how the global balance of power is changing.

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