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January 14, 2018

The Report:

“Enterprise IoT in Asia Pacific: Scope of deployments, use cases and investment plans”, a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an in-depth examination of end-users perspectives on IoT with respect to investment areas and return on investment expectations for IoT projects, top use cases and key drivers for IoT deployments, scope of IoT deployment from connectivity technologies to security considerations and approach to data management & analytics and vendor selection criteria and preferences. The analysis is built on the results of an extensive survey of more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide, with close to a third of them in the Asia Pacific region.


Selected key findings of the report include –
– Top use cases for IoT are equipment process & management and building management driven by the prospect of cost reduction and efficiency gains.
– Similar to the global trend, most of the IoT deployments in Asia Pacific use long range wireless technologies for connectivity and specifically use 3G and LTE technologies for licensed connectivity and Wi-Fi for unlicensed.
– Most organizations use encryption and authentication to secure sensitive, high-value or mission-critical data produced by IoT devices.
– Survey results indicate that telcos are best positioned for business consulting and device and connectivity management solutions.


This report examines executives’ opinion about IoT deployment and investment plans in Asia-Pacific. The survey-based insider presents opinions of executives operating across various industries in organizations with number of employees ranging from 5 to over 10,000. The report also highlights various use cases, drivers and challenges for deploying IoT solutions.

The report consists of the following sections –
– Objectives and methodology: an overview of objectives, methodology and profile of respondents included in the survey for this report.
– Enterprise IoT investment drivers and trends: This section analyzes the survey results on the top IoT use cases, drivers and challenges for IoT projects and investment plans as well as expectations for RoI.
– Scope of enterprise IoT deployments: This section focuses on key trends with respect to geographic and technological scope of IoT deployments as well as security concerns and measures and enterprise approach to data management and analytics.
– IoT project management strategies: This section assesses enterprise criteria for vendor selection and approach to IoT project management.
– Key findings: key findings and conclusions obtained from the survey results in Asia Pacific.

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