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January 18, 2018

The Report:

Individual Life Insurance is a kind of life insurance policy where a single contract covers a single insured.

The total amount of direct written premiums for the total individual life in Hong Kong is valued at HKDxxx.xx billion (US$xxx.xx billion) in 2015, which is an increase of xx.xx% from 2011. The category has recorded a CAGR of xx.xx% during the review period (2011-2015).

“Individual Life Insurance in Hong Kong to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics” provides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environment of Insurance industry in Hong Kong. It is an essential tool for companies active across the Hong Kong value chain and for new players considering to enter the market.


Individual Life Insurance in Hong Kong to 2020: Market Size, Growth and Forecast Analytics provides you with the following:

o Overall values of policies and premiums in the Individual life insurance.

o Values of policies and premiums by product type (whole life, term life, endowment, general annuity and other individual insurances)

o Values of premiums and policies by premium type (Single & Non-Single).

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