Huawei and Samsung have both announced new smartphones and also the first foldable smartphones in less than a week of each other. The tech giants made a public announcement in recent days focusing on the new phone designs and features of updated models.

These announcements have created quite a storm online especially among the tech community.

Samsung S10 and Fold

Samsung announced a new phone in its S series, the S10 to celebrate the series 10th anniversary. With a few new features and size options, the phone is being marketed across the board at various prices depending on the size and features.

Key features:

Samsung has marked the 10th anniversary of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone range by unveiling three new versions of the phone. The three new versions will come with varying features to meet specific budgets, let’s look at some of these below.

We have gotten some insights from the Irish News and there look at these new Samsung models

Galaxy S10

The standard version of the new line-up, the S10 will come with a 6.1-inch screen. This and all other versions of the phone will include Samsungs Infinity-O technology.

This means the front-facing camera is built into the screen along with fingerprint technology. This allows the screen to assume as much space as possible.

The single front-facing camera is joined by three sensors on the rear of the phone – both 12 megapixel.

Each of the new phones also includes advanced wireless technology allowing the user to charge other devices through the phone including new bud headphones announced by Samsung. Probably one of the coolest features we have seen.

Galaxy S10+

The 10+ has larger internal storage options.

Galaxy S10e

The S10e has the smallest display of the group at 5.8-inches.

It also has only two rear cameras and one front-facing sensor. This is still embedded in the screen in the same way as its larger models.

Galaxy S10 5G

The 5G will have the largest screen and be launched later in the year alongside new 5G mobile networks.

It will also boast six cameras – two on the front and four on the rear, including 3D depth sensors to capture 3D images.

Samsung Fold

Along with Wednesday’s announcement came the new Samsung fold. In an attempt to change the smartphone playing field the Samsung fold will allow users to access three apps at once across a dual-screen it has called the Infinity flex display. This essentially combining smartphone and tablet capabilities.

Some commentators noted Samsungs quest to diversify smartphone capabilities due to increased costs and diminishing advances in technology. With an initial price tag estimate in the region of £2000, the new fold phones may be out of reach for quite a few people upon initial release.

Huawei Fold phone

Chinese rival Huawei has revealed its first smartphone to feature a foldable screen, less than a week after its rival Samsung did the same.

Being marketed as the MateX this fold phone was announced and put on display by the company in Barcelona and commentators noticed a few differences between the designs.

The MateX screen folds out so that the screens face out even when the devices are closed. This has allowed both displays to be larger than Samsungs and the design is also slimmer and flatter when shut noted the BBC tech department.

Early Samsung images do show a sling indentation when the device is closed into its smaller screen.

However, one major disadvantage was noted and this concerns the camera placement on the MateX

The MateX does not have a front facing Camera. When the screen is unfolded the camera is placed on the edge of the display.

This will, of course, make selfie-taking in the unfolded mode possible, although it is difficult to say if this will have a huge impact upon consumer concerns.

5G connections

“Both foldable phones are 5G-capable and are instantly distinctive from the smartphone designs of the last 10 years,” commented Ian Fogg, an analyst at the mobile analytics company Opensignal recorded the BBC.

With Huawei’s asking price almost £300 more than the Samsung fold, it is to early to comment on whether this will have a huge impact upon sales and the popularity of the fold devices.

With the upcoming world mobile conference, there is sure to be a few more surprises from existing and emerging tech companies across the globe.